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Dr Tim Papadopoulos and CosmeticCulture have been featured frequently in the media. We invite you to browse through our news and lifestyle section featuring the latest buzz on CosmeticCulture, our featured products and the medical spa industry. Please check this area regularly as we will be updating this section on a regular basis.


Plastic surgery holiday boom – By Jen Melocco, The Daily Telegraph,

Teenage surgery – The Daily Telegraph,

More teens wanting botox – The Advertiser,

Botox before the wrinkles – By Amy Lawson, The Sydney Morning Herald,

Cosmetic Surgery – Poll Results – By Mercedes Maguire, MotherInc Online Magazine

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Dr Papadopoulos is regularly asked to comment on his areas of specialisation in the media. Interviews with Dr Papadopoulos have appeared in The Sunday Telegraph, The Sun-Herald, The Adelaide Advertiser, and The Sydney Weekly.

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Dr Papadopoulos has been featured on SBS TV, SBS Radio and Vega radio.