statement & goals

This is my Art

I want you to understand that when you come and see me, that I am only going to take care of something I think I can deliver a wonderful result for you and that I will not sell you something you don’t need. In every single circumstance, I don’t stop when you are satisfied, I stop when I am satisfied. This is my mission.

Accordingly, I have set forth the following goals for every one of my patients:
• To tailor every operation to the patient’s anatomy and desires.
• To educate customers about the options available to allow a fully informed consent.
• To provide the best cosmetic outcome resulting in a natural, non-operated appearance.
• To achieve the fastest, least painful recovery possible.
• To use the latest, most advanced and proven techniques
• To assist the patient in suitable methods to ensure longevity of the surgical result.
• To handle any question or concern promptly during every phase of operative setting.

“I love my profession and take a lot of pride and passion in my craft”